Zaatari refugee camp - a new city in the desert - Jordan

The fights and the "counter-terrorist" strikes in Syria has led thousands of people to flee their home. In the north of Jordan, few hundreds of asylum seekers will cross the border and will be taken in charge by the Jordanian Army every day.

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Hamadcha pilgrimage

Hamadcha Pilgrimage:

In a small village of the Zehroun moutains (Morocco) during the days following the Moussem (birth day of the Prophet), thousands of pilgrims come to the shrine of Sidi Ahmed to open a dialogue with te Djinn's (spirits) occupying them.

prayers at sufi shrines in Srinagar / Kashmir - I.A.K

Srinagar is a city of shrines.

Even Jesus and his mother  have their own shrines in Kashmir.

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a continuous fight against malnutrition in Bangladesh

With image of dignity - supporting Terre des hommes projects in Bangladesh fighting malnutrition.

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invisible Iraqi refugees in Syria & Jordan

Silent and invisible in the Damascus or Amman suburbs, even their numbers is subject to doubt. 

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homeless take their destiny in hand

In Charleroi, the slag heaps of the old coal mines are shaping the horizon. To escape from the violence of the city center, a group of homeless people has decide to settle on one of these black mountain.

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Suru: the valley of the women

In the high valleys of the Indian Himalayas, on the ridge between the muslim and the buddhist worlds, the Suru valley is under the austere influence of Iranian Shi'ism. When the temperatures rise and the snow melts, the men leave the valley to find a job. Left alone with the children, the elder, and ... the imams, the women make the valley survive by taming the streams coming down from the moutains.

in Victoire / Le Soir

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children after the crisis in Burundi for Terre des Hommes

As the situation in the country is calming down after the "crisis" (the war), it seems obvious now that the situation of the children got worse during the last few years. 

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Sultani Nevruz: the dervishes of Prizren / Kosovo

Sultani Nevruz: the birthday of Imam Ali and the first day of spring. The dervishes descend the way of Sufism among powerfull choirs and spiritual tribulations. But the blades are real.

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with the rroma kids of Romania for Terre des Hommes

Living in segregated villages, often in the worst conditions ever in Europe, the rroma kids don't stand much of a chance for a brighter future.

Illiria Hotel: the day of independance of Kosovo

As independance is being proclamed in the province parliament, people from Pristina gather in the Illiria Hotel to watch the news and celebrate.

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children at risk in Moldova for Terre des Hommes

More than 1 millions of Moldovans left the poorest country of Europe to work abroad. Many of their children were left alone, which created a risk of mistreatment and human trafficking.

after 10 years of war, survival of children in Sierra-Leone for UNICEF

Sierra-Leone has some of the worst statistics worldwide concerning its inhabitants' nutrition and life expectancy. 5 years after the war's end, the future of the youngest is still more than uncertain.

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state of shock in Kashmir

On 8 october an earthquake measuring 7,6 on the Richter scale, killed about 85,000 people. Behind the resignation, behind the kindness toward a stranger, the people of Kashmir find themselves in a deep state of shock.

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workers of the Gdansk shipyard / Poland

30 years after the collapse of "real socialism" in Poland, the working conditions of the workers at the Gdansk shipyard are getting worse and worse. The strikes of the shipyard gave birth to Solidarnosc. The shipyard is now close to its last days.

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